photographer in lausanne/geneva, Switzerland
sweden during summer time

For maternity sessions I would suggest you to book a session when you are around 33-35 weeks pregnant. Then your bump will look round and nice and you will still be a bit flexible to sit down and stand up without to much of a problem.

If you plan to book a photo session for your precious newborn baby and want to capture the "newborn baby" look, please book the photo session before the baby is born. After two weeks babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic and baby acne can start to flare up. You can call me anytime after the baby is born. I will keep an open space for you and the baby in my calendar before the baby turns 14 days.

For photo sessions with young children I recommend booking a session time after the child/children have had a nap and a snack. For sessions with older children it's always good to have a snack and drink on hand. If the children are well rested this allows them to be happy and able to enjoy themselves during the photo session. Clothing should be simple so avoid mixed patterns, prints and clothing with large logos

For this session we find an urban cool location for your teenager or we can do a bit more romantic photo session depending of the style you want. Cool clothes, matching jewelries, accessories, scarfs and hats are great props for this.

If you are moving or if your children are changing class or school they might want to have a picture of all their best friends in one photo. Awesome idea and a lovely memory for all of them.

Try coordinating without overly matching. An easy way to do this is to choose clothing from a coordinating/complimentary color family.

For "Styled Sessions" please contact me for more information

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Q. How much does a photo session cost?
A. For a Family/Children photo session the session fee is 95 Euro. Then you add up for digital files, prints and photo albums. For further information please contact me. Link in the menu.
For weddings, my packages starts at 1 600 Euros (16 000 kr), and for creative business portraits/products please contact me for more information and price list.

Q. Where do you have your studio?
A. I don't work with a studio. I come home to your home or we meet out in a special place you love or in a nice park. For Newborn session please contact me for more information.

Q. Would you travel to take our photos?
A. Yes, of course I do! Depending on where you
want to take the photos the travel expenses are paid by you, the client.

Q. Do you sell digital files?
A. Yes I do, together with other products. It's important for me as an artist to have control over the colors in my photos that is why I do not only sell digital files.

Q. What are you investing your money into?
A life long memory for you and for your kids. It's price less to have beautiful pictures of you and your children. You will treasure them forever.