photographer in lausanne/geneva, Switzerland
sweden during summer time


My experience working with Linda was nothing less than exceptional. The project was to document me proposing to my would be fiance. This event was extremely important to capture perfectly and I'm happy to say, that the results of all the hard work by Linda exceeded my expectations.

Linda is one of the most warm and professional and personable and trustworthy people I have ever met. Me, living in the US and flying to Stockholm to propose was an unusual circumstance that I have heard could be disastrous. I have several friends that have gotten engaged overseas in other countries in Europe and they were promised a great experience, thus they paid the money to the company and unfortunately, they never showed. This made me very nervous to run into the same experience.

I am pleased to report that my experience was PERFECT!

Not once was I pressured or felt uncomfortable during the entire process from start to finish. All deadlines were met in a timely fashion and the final product was one of the best I have ever seen! I cant thank Linda enough for all of the professionalism and trustworthiness and following through with everything promised.

If the only reason left to return to Sweden was to see Linda again, I would be there without hesitation. My fiance and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our dreams come true and for taking such good care of us and being so welcoming and trustworthy by providing us a quality product.

- Nicholas