Bridal and Ball gown photography in Vienna

During the end of January I got a phone call wondering if I was interested in photographing ball gowns and bridal gowns. Frida, a friend of mine from Vienna, where I used to live, had a designer and wedding planner friend that needed some help capturing the beautiful gowns. It took me approximately a second to say yes! – I would love to do that!

Renee is Frida’s good friend who is a designer and wedding planner and was interested in entering the ball gown market in Vienna for the next Ball season. Renee lives in the UK but does most of her work in the Asian market however wanted some beautiful, typical back drops from Vienna.

Theseus Temple, Volksgarten or Folk’s Park, Vienna

After some planning and arrangements we decided to coordinate an awesome photoshoot around the streets of Vienna on the 9th of April. That day, the weather was on our side as we had sun and 20 degrees compared to the day after when it was windy, raining and around 13 degrees.

There was only one thing that put the day on the edge. The night before the shooting I woke up at 05.00 with an eye infection! My left eye, my camera eye, was like a disaster! It was burning and tears ran out of my eye like I was crying. So, if you wonder why I’m wearing sunglasses on the pictures when I’m shooting it’s because of the eye infection. So no contact lens on the left eye, sunglasses and shooting with my right eye. But we made it! YAY!

Sunglasses… Photo: _a_kind

The crew was made up of six people wandering the streets of Vienna looking out for the best spots we could use as back drops for the pictures. I think we managed quite well.

Enjoy the beautiful dresses and the environments of amazing Vienna.


Designer: @reneelcollections

Make up: @boris_vali_obradovic

Model: @elviragothlin

Model: @melaniexhackl

Coordinator: @mrspaalmer

Assistant: @_a_kind_

Make up artist Boris starting the light make up for the wedding dresses.
Our best assistant offered coffee and healthy snacks before the shooting.
The hair took some time to fix for Melanie but it was worth it, it turned out amazing.
Vienna city
A very typical car in Vienna. The horse chariot.
When you shoot during the middle of the day it’s great to play with the shadows.
Our coordinator Frida is fixing the beautiful dress for Melanie.
You better be quick in this area. Lots of tourists and cyclists.
Touch up and changing of style.
Time for snack and evening make up.
Evening dresses coming up. Here’s the Opera house in the background of Elvira.
Change of gowns.
Old tram of Vienna in the background.
Make up from Boris.
The Folks Park, Volksgarten. In a few weeks it’s full of roses in bloom.

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