A short description of how to move to a new country and to do another start up..

Villars in the canton of Vaud


Arriving to a new country and to a new town, as I did in January this year, is not easy when you work as a freelancing photographer. You land in a world where you don’t know anyone, you have no contacts, no old friends, no network – well you have to start all over again as if you were a beginner, from scratch, from zero.

A little bit frustrating because you are used to work a lot and to have clients who refer you and now it’s super quiet in your email inbox.
So, what do you do?

Well, first you have to take care of your house, the kids and their school so the first months in a new country is actually about everybody else, not about me and my business. First save the kids then yourself. Your husband takes care of himself and his work.

When all is settled you can start to live, slowly make contacts and wait for the inbox to be full of new clients who’s screaming for your service.
– No, no, no, first you have to market yourself A LOT, but that’s another story.

But, what about Spring in Switzerland? That was the point of this story. While I’m waiting for all my new clients to find me, I work with my hobby.
– Exactly! – Landscape photography.

Driving around in this country makes me almost cry, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Where ever you go and behind every curve there’s a new stunning scenery, and I can’t just leave it without taking one little picture. My family is getting annoyed…

One thing is for sure, if you only see landscape photos here and you don’t see any new family pictures or children photos in awhile, it’s because my clients to be, don’t know yet where to find me.



Villars in the canton of Vaud


Mont Blanc in the far end

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva and the Alps

Lake Geneva with France in the back ground



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