Wedding in Fjällbacka

Wedding in Gstaad - Switzerland

Wedding at The Stockholm City Hall

Wedding in Lausanne - Switzerland

Wedding in Fjällbacka

Wedding at Balingsholms Herrgård

Wedding in Nacka nature reserve and The Stockholm City Hall

Wedding in Fjällbacka

Wedding in Geneva - Switzerland

Wedding in Eskilstuna

Wedding at the Stockholm City Hall


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Linda Otterstedt

It’s your wedding


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with sombody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”


When the wedding is over, the cake is eaten, the dress is worn, the music is gone and the guests have left. What to you have to look back to? 

-Yes, that’s absolutely right. Your stunning pictures!

It’s bit of a cliché within the photography wedding world but it is true. All you have left are the beautful memories in your pictures. Let’s make them awesome and worthy. Let’s make the best for you. Let’s make amazing memories for you to treasure forever. Okey, some wedding gifts might last forever too. 😉




I’ve been doing weddings since about six years back and I really enjoy it. It’s so beautiful and I love the excitement of the day for you as a wedding couple. I laugh with you and I cry with you, I run for you, I sew buttons for you, I have band aid for you in my bag if you’ll need it, I help you to pose, to relax and I capture your most important day of your life. I help you to be able to remember your special day. (Yes, I have been working as a ski guide in the Alps.)

It can be a quite hectic day for the wedding couple and sometimes you forget the details from the day, then you have those precious memories captured by me and you will look back and remember those special moments later on. 

Enjoy your tour on my webpage and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I would love to exchange ideas and thoughts about your coming wedding or elopement.



Brudfölje på badholmen

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Wedding at Smådalarö Gård – Stockholm

Wedding at Smådalarö Gård – Stockholm

Finally! The day had arrived. Jakob and Anna contacted me last autumn to ask if I was available for their wedding the 4th of June 2022. I felt right away - YES, I DO. Many months later, good planning, a pre wedding session in Ulriksdals slottspark and email...

Wedding portraits during winter times

Wedding portraits during winter times

A few months back I was contacted by this international young couple who was going to get married and in addition to their big wedding day they wanted a photographer joining them. I was not late to say: Yes - I do. From France and Estonia, they met each other in...




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