Workshop in Milan, Italy, for Paulina Duczman

Attending workshops are always fun. Here’s a short post about a Children Fine Art Photography Workshop I went to in Milan, Italy, March 2018.

I was actually not looking for a Fine Art workshop, like this one with Paulina, but I accidentally found it, and signed up for it because I needed something fun and new to work with.
I called my sister and my sister in law and asked them if they wanted to spend a weekend in Milan with me. They said yes!



Great, I took the train and they went by plane from Sweden to join me.

We had quite bad weather, it was snowing but it was fun anyways.


La Rinascente


My workshop was on the Saturday between 9.00 – 17.00 in an area just outside downtown. I think we were around 10 people from all over Europe, pretty nice.
The workshop took my by my heart. Paulina was such a nice person and great to listen to. After a session in front of the computer learning about light settings we had lunch and then some camera work.

Window light from left side

Window light from left side


There were two models. One boy, 13 years old and a little girl, about 6 years old. Great kids!
Back to the computer to learn a bit about editing these beautiful portraits and then thank you and good bye.
Such a nice experience and I would love to do it once again.
Now I’m doing my own Fine Art Portraits with hand painted backdrops and all sorts of kids in front of the camera. The last picture shows when Paulina is in action.

Strobe from left side

Strobe from left side

Paulina in action

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