Autumn session in Geneva

Isn’t it beautiful outside now?

We’re just at it when the trees are changing their colors to yellow, red and purple. I love our different seasons. I lived around the equator for 12 years and I always missed the different seasons. When the days looked cloudy I thought: finally, some clouds, I put on my jeans and a sweater – came out and it was still 30 degrees outside. Now, I finally live in a country with seasons, I’m not the biggest fan of the seasons changes, but when all of the trees have shifted from green to red and the leaves are on the ground, I love the new season that we’re in.

Finally when I live in a country with seasons I don’t like when the changes comes but when it’s done I love the season we’re in.

Now that it is autumn, Switzerland has once again out done itself with the lovely warm days and some beautiful sunsets. Warm days and crispy air, sun and the colors changing all around us. Except for today – heavy rain and a bit dark. A perfect day to sit by the computer and blog, and show you guys this super cute family of four from a photo session in Geneva. This little girl stole my heart. Here are a few words from the mum that I received one morning after she had seen the pictures – she made my day!

“Thank you Linda!!!!!!!!!!!! We love the photos and love the photo album so definitely I want one photo album with the photo cover. You are amazing capturing the expressions, Love how you captured all of us but with my daughter is amazing. I have plenty of photos of her with the fake smile after 50 chocolates but these are her and her real smile just all her. We love them. After seeing them I already have an idea for the next photo session that I think would be beautiful.”

By now I know what session we will do. I’ll get back with another blog about that session. It’s going to be amazing! Yay!

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