Fabulous boys!

I have two boys and one girl. It has never been any problem to ask my daughter if I could take photos of her. She has always been kind and helped me out. My youngest boy says yes, sometimes, and my boy in between always answer me like this: How much do you pay me? or Maybe tomorrow…

How come the boys doesn’t want to be in the pictures? If you have a good answer to that please let me know.

These guys were absolutely fantastic. The were ace in front of the camera. I don’t know if the mum bribed them or how did she get them to like the photo session this much?

Teenager boys in a tunnel with magic light.

To do this session I asked the mum to bring a few props as hats and scarfs. Plain color for the clothes, no big pattern or logos on the shirts.

When we met up at a parking outside Lausanne to do these photos we found an abandoned vespa (maybe not abandoned but a very lonely vespa) that matched with the boys hat. We could not ask for a better prop. Red and red.

We also had some great fun at the skateboard park, next to the parking, and we managed without any skateboards. I was laying on the ground on my back and got these awesome angles of the boys! My god, the day after I had some severe pain in my abdominals, it’s gives me quite a good workout these photo sessions.

After a few photos with this beautiful vespa (thank you to the owner) we continued down to the lake Geneva. We found a super nice place to do a few more different kind of photos. There were the water, a pier, nice leaves, gras and a huge tree.

A Fine Art photo in the nature! Love the big leaf.

Playing with the shadows under the big tree.

On the pier we got some really nice landscape photos. The mountains and the water. All in one.

After the visit down by the water we continued up to this amazing tunnel. It gave us the most beautiful light! We had to step back for people walking in and out but all worth it. Unfortunately it was in the middle of the lunch and people were walking in and out…

We had a lot of fun and I know this mum is very happy with the photos. This is what she wrote about the session:

“It is so important to help our teenagers develop an empowered sense of self. We do this best by helping them to better explore their identity, values, and mission and to help them uncover new ways to live, love and express themselves – more often than not through ordeals, challenges or shared experiences. Mine recently had an incredible photo shoot with photographer, Linda Otterstedt! I’m so very grateful for all three of you and so touched, as I know your are, by the results!! Andrew and Peter, you both exhibit such remarkable poise and presence. The feelings and depth you allowed Linda to capture through her lens coupled perfectly with your personalities and unique style on the day. Great job!”

Looking forward to more photo session with boys, especially teenager boys. We should not forget to capture our sons as we do with our daughters.

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