Wedding at Portes Des Iris, Lausanne

A wedding dream!

The day started up in Abbey of Romainmôtier, 30 minutes outside of Lausanne. It was the worst weather you would ever want on your wedding day, after all it was July and it was supposed to be sunny and warm. Once arriving to the Abbey the weather was still terrible and a thunderstorm was on it’s way in, one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. I was there almost half an hour early so I was able to wait out most of the thunderstorm, until the worst was over. I then ran with my camera equipment under my umbrella down to the church, with the company of one of the singers for the wedding.

The bride is getting ready with all her little flower girls and boys (there was a little one too).

Once in the church, I took out my camera and the wedding photography began. The church was lit up and the paintings on the walls were beautiful and all of the guest were so happy to be there and the Bride and the Groom were gorgeous.

The ceremony was very light and beautiful and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Suddenly it was all over and we were heading out in the rain, but, the rain was gone and the sky was clear blue and a big sun on the sky. It was just lovely! We were really lucky, and hey, don’t they say it will give the wedding couple luck if there’s some rain on the wedding day. Right?

The Bride, the Groom, the Guests and I all got into the cars and drove to Portes Des Iris. This is one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to. It was absolutely stunning and the perfect place for a wedding dinner. It overlooked an incredible park with flowers, palm trees alleys, ponds and the stunning view over the alps.

The afternoon went on with cocktails and Ice Cream from Mövenpick, followed by the dinner, a beautiful wedding cake and speeches.

What I would have wished for, if I can ask for something, is to have more time for the wedding couple to take beautiful portraits out in the park where the venue is. The park is incredible with everything it offers for portrait photography.

After the first dance of the newly wed everyone began going downstairs to the bar where there also was a DJ. The DJ was playing amazing music and everyone was dancing. What a party! I felt that both the guests and I had a hard time to leaving at the end of the night. I think I stayed until one in the morning.

What a day and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, such an amazing experience with an amazing couple.

Thank you Emmanuelle and Adrien for choosing me as your photographer for this stunning wedding.

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