Wedding on the Swedish west coast – Fjällbacka

Sitting looking out of my window and the snow is falling down. How beautiful isn’t that! I love the snow but I don’t like when I get cold. Quite funny actually as I have been working as a ski guide for three seasons in the French alps. Anyhow, I just finished a job with a wedding couple from last summer. Why did it take so long time you may ask. It was actually because the wedding couple went on a loooong honey moon during the autumn to nice and warm countries. Probably where I wish I was right now.

If you have been to my website you might now that I’m Swedish and that I spend my summers in Fjällbacka every year and that is also where I have most of my weddings. By now I know the best places and areas where to take great portraits and with beautiful sceneries with the couple. If you are planning to get married in or around Fjällbacka I also know the important people connected to weddings in the village – such as the hairdresser and the hotel/restaurants/bars.

Do you want to know more or have any questions please let me know and I can help you!

What about that snow today then… looks like it’s going to melt. Hmmmm…. looking forward to spring!


Getting ready for the church and for his bride.

Don’t slip on your shoe laces.


It’s still in there. Don’t loose it!

Cheers for the future!

Make sure to hang it on a nice place for a great photo!

Bring extra pins for your hair.

First look. Ended with the bride crying and so did I. So beautiful!

The maid of honor is ready with the tissues.

Are you ready darling?

It was a very hot day!

It’s done!

We two.

Out on a jetty.

In to the woods.

It’s actually a small Birch forest, between two roads.

I love you.

DIY – Lovely and beautiful decorated place.

Ready for dinner?

Yes, we did it!

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